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Hay For Sale


  • Alfalfa in 2 string square bales.
  • Tifton 44 in 2 string square bales. 
  • Tifton 85 in 2 string square bales. 
  • Coastal hay in large round bales. 
  • Bermuda hay in large round bales.  

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Top Quality Hay


Give us a call to order some of the finest quality hay in Florida (352) 515-9555

Quality hay involves several factors.  We start with quality seed, and carefully manage the soil the hay is planted in. Weeds are hand pulled until the hay has a chance to take control. Growing in quality, nutrient dense soil, and paying close attention to the density, length of hay and the weather. We stay busy cutting, teddering, rolling, baling, and properly storing, top quality hay. We understand that quality hay provides the nutritional support your prized animals deserve. We carefully monitor moisture content, and take care to cut and tedder on sunny days.  We've been told our hay is some of the best quality hay around.  Give us a call and see for yourself. Your animals will thank you!